Kelowna physiotherapy articles.

Sun City Physiotherapy consists of three Kelowna physiotherapy clinics. Our first physio clinic opened in 200 and since then, we have become the fastest growing private physiotherapy practice in the Okanagan with clinics in downtown Kelowna, Glenmore and Winfield/Lake Country.

Our team of registered physiotherapists, massage therapists, and kinesiologists share their tips for healthier living through articles published here and invite you to share the articles. Join us in creating a healthier Okanagan where we participate and serve at Across the Lake Swim, Boy’s and Girl’s 24 hour relay, Kelowna Apple Tri and the Peak to Beak in addition to hosting free monthly lecture series on various health conditions, injuries, talks on ergonomics, injury prevention for local organizations, sport groups and businesses.

Injury Magnet by Tamara Oakley MSc.PT

Have you ever noticed how, once you hurt yourself, that area seems to get re-injured? For example, you stub your toe on something, and then proceed to stub the same toe twice more in the same evening? One of the explanations behind this frustrating phenomenon has to do with proprioception: […]

Tips For Healthy Cycling.

2 People riding their bikes on a wooden bridge through a forest during autumn

Cycling orchard lined roads, touring between vineyards, cruising the Kettle valley railway, flowing down trails at Smith creek, or eagerly awaiting completion of the Okanagan rail trail – cycling offers something for everyone in the beautiful Okanagan. After an injury or surgery, my patients commonly ask “do you think I’m […]

Bike techniques to race fast and remain injury-free.

Guy on a bike, in a race

Cycling is considered a low impact activity but some cyclists do experience pain the the back, knees, feet, saddle region, neck, wrists and hands. The Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC) recently outlined some simple steps, call the Physio-4, that cyclists can use to reduce their chances for injury, prevent […]