Tips for Running Smarter and Faster


Running is a great way to stay healthy and active. However, on average, 50% of runners get injured every year. Here are some tips for both beginners looking to get started, and experienced runners who want to to improve performance!
if you’re just getting started, here are two key things to remember:

  1. Start gradually. The most common reason runners get injured is because they simply do too much too soon. Even athletes who are adapted to other sports (and have high fitness levels) might be surprised at how gradual they need to be when starting a new running program. A great way to be gradual is to start with intervals of walking and running.
  2. Run more frequently. Wait… doesn’t this contradict #1? Not if you do shorter runs, on more days of the week. This allows your body more time to adapt and be less prone to injury. For example, it is better for you to run 1 km on 4-5 days of the week, rather than running 5 km only once a week.

For the experienced runner who wants to improve performance, here are two tips that can help you advance:

  1. Lift heavy. A lot of runners think that they shouldn’t lift heavy weights, but that’s actually what can help improve your performance! Running performance consists of two main things: running economy (how much energy you spend to maintain a certain speed), and improved speed. Studies show that strength training 2-3 times per week can improve both running economy and speed.
  2. Try lighter shoes. Running with lighter shoes can help you run faster – every 100 grams of shoe increases oxygen consumption by 1%! If you are transitioning to a new pair of shoes, make sure to do it very gradually to avoid injuries.

Working with a physiotherapist can help you achieve your running goals faster and with less injuries through a running assessment and individualized program. Our running assessments consist of high-definition videos of your running gait; and recommendations on running technique, training programs, personalized exercises, and footwear. If you are interested in getting into running or taking your training to the next level, you can book an appointment by calling Sun City Physiotherapy’s Lower Mission location, or book now with our direct online booking.

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