Shaking Sugar Cravings


5 Tips for shaking those lingering holiday sugar cravings:

Holidays…we love them…and we tend to overdo the treats a bit during them. That’s okay, but battling those sugar cravings while adjusting back to reality and fighting off the post holiday illness, often makes for added frustration. Try these simple tricks to try to get back on track and focused on your holiday resolutions:

  1. Drink your water! Sometimes this alone can help curb those sweet cravings! Often, during this cold time of year, we do not drink as much water as usual. Try having a glass first thing in the morning and supplementing throughout the day with caffeine free teas to help boost overall water intake.
  2. Make sure you are including those starchy carbohydrates. The dieting culture almost makes cutting carbs seem like a normal thing. It’s not! Carbohydrates are not the enemy, they are actually the main source of energy for your body and brain. When the body breaks down carbohydrates it turns them into sugars. This is what is transported to your cells to give you energy (along with other important jobs). If you cut out our starchy carbs (i.e. breads, pastas, rice, potatoes etc.,) you may notice that you feel low energy, mood swings and/or feelings of frustration or agitation. What you will also notice is that you may be rummaging through all the cupboards and fridge looking for that something – not quite satisfied – craving quick sugars (aka processed sugars). Instead of cutting out those starchy carbs, make sure you include them in your healthy diet (try choosing higher fibre choices) as this actually helps fight off some of those sugar cravings!
  3. Balanced meals: It sounds simple, right? But balanced meals really do help kick those sugar cravings! If you skimp on any of the portions, you may notice more evening cravings, or feelings of constant hunger. To make meal planning easier – and better for you – book an appointment with a Registered Dietician. Help is just an appointment away!
  4. Try having natural sugar instead. Processed sugar is often referred to as a ‘drug-like addiction’, the body wants more and more. The body can be lazy, and these sugars have already been processed, so your body doesn’t have to do much work to receive the ‘benefits’. Foods that naturally contain sugar often also contain fibre, protein, or fat. These all help to satisfy the body, but still give that sugar you’re craving. Next time you are caving that fudge or sweet treat after a meal, try having a piece of fruit or yogurt instead!
  5. And finally….If you’re having a treat for simply the pleasure of having a treat (in moderation), ENJOY it!! Be conscious of portion size (i.e. have a bowl, not the WHOLE ice cream bin!), eat it mindfully, really savour it… and DON’T compensate calories for it at your next meal. Just go back to regular eating, have a healthy relationship with treats! Happy Chomping!

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