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Monday – Thursday: 7:30am – 8pm
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Glenmore Physiotherapists

Registered Physiotherapist
Clinic Owner

Jay is a graduate of the University of British Columbia’s School of Rehabilitation Medicine class of 1994. He spent five years working in the United States in various Sports and…

Registered Physiotherapist
Products Manager

I’m an outdoors and movement enthusiast and I love to help people get back to pain free movement! My passions include distance running, hiking, tennis, curling, and beach volleyball…

Registered Physiotherapist

Tracey has been practicing physiotherapy for almost 30 years since graduating from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. She holds a Post Graduate Science Degree in Physiotherapy and an Undergraduate degree in Kinesiology with a major in sports medicine…

Registered Physiotherapist

Chris graduated with a Masters degree in physiotherapy from UBC in 2017, followed by Certification in Hand Therapy…

Registered Physiotherapist

Skylar graduated from UBC’s Master of Physical Therapy – North in the fall of 2022. Her journey through the program was unique as the majority of her training occurred in Northern and Rural regions of British Columbia…

Registered Physiotherapist

Allie graduated from the Northern cohort of UBC ’s Master of Physical Therapy program in the fall of 2023. Being a part of the Northern cohort in Prince George allowed Allie to have a unique experience in Northern and rural healthcare practice from all corners of the province…

Sun City Physiotherapy Kinesiologists


Chris is passionate about what he does professionally and has furthered his knowledge and skill set to improve his ability to assist his clientele through continuing education; and in particular through training with the CHEK institute…

Sun City Physiotherapy Nutritional Services / Dietitian

Registered Dietitian

Madison Wood is a Registered Dietitian dedicated to providing compassionate, individualized nutrition care for the past 7 years. She holds a BSc with Honours Specialization in Foods and Nutrition from Western University in London, Ontario and completed her comprehensive post-graduate dietetic internship at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine…

Sun City Physiotherapy Counselling / Mental Health Clinician

Counsellor / Mental Health Clinician

Louise’s passion for pursuing her own wellness is a long-standing core value. When she recognized a desire to support others in pursuing wellness, this was Louise’s first nudge to pursue a career in health care. After growing up in a small Kootenay-Boundary town, Louise pursued a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops…


103-437 Glenmore Rd.
Kelowna, BC
Phone: 250-762-6313
email us
Physiotherapy Services…
Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 8pm
Friday 7:30am – 5pm


As part of our commitment to provide the highest level of professional care, our therapists are continually attending postgraduate courses and…

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Glenmore Clinic Reviews

Nima Saffari

“Attended for a knee issue. The staff were friendly and helpful. Jason was on time with the appointment. He listened to me and took the time to explain my issue and educate me on it. Thoughtful, kind, professional and gentle. Will return for sure and highly recommend.”

Alesha Kydd

“Very friendly and professional establishment. Would recommend to anyone who is looking to have a great experience and not feel pushed out the door. They care about the well-being of clients and take the time to help educate you and provide you more information. I would highly recommend.”

Morgan Labrecque

“Rob was so helpful and kind. Very educated and friendly staff. Up to date equipment, modern and clean and they are there to truly help you get better. You can tell Rob loves his job and that his best interest goes into his clientele! Thank you for the thorough physio. I’m healing faster and getting better thanks to them.”

Mary Lamoureux

“This was my first meeting with Jason. He was highly recommended by my GP and she was right. I really liked his comprehensive approach in taking time to assess the root of my problems, using both manual manipulation and IMS, and introducing relevant exercises. I look forward to another treatment with Jason.”

Lana Tarasewich

“My experience with Sun City was a 5 star experience from the moment I walked into the office. The receptionist was very welcoming. My Physiotherapist Rob was knowledgeable, compassionate and very professional. Thanks to the Sun City team.”

Ronald Mullins

“First visit to this facility and my experience was outstanding. Clean, comfortable, convenient, friendly, reasonable cost and most important…effective. Thanks.”

Veronica Meola

“My first appointment with Rob was fantastic. His evaluation was thorough, he explained the issue and treatment clearly, and I have way more mobility in my shoulder already. He came highly recommended to me and I will definitely not hesitate to recommend the clinic.”

Joel Short

“Chris Harkies was very knowledgeable and personable. He thoroughly explained the parts of my thumb that were damaged and gave me clear exercises to follow. I would definitely recommend him to others seeking hand physio.”


“Tracey was so sweet and relatable and made me feel so comfortable during my first physio experience!! Thank you Tracey!! The person working reception was also super impressive to watch as I waited for my appointment, they were honestly so “on it”, and friendly, it was unbelievable. Love the orange paint, great shade. I booked at this location because I was looking for a female therapist and noted Tracey’s background and experience, also in Glenmore it’s free parking in their lot (vs downtown).”

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Gardening Tips

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Acupuncture, IMS & You

Acupuncture, IMS & You

We all get aches and pains. Many of us have tight muscles. So what’s an effective treatment your physiotherapist can provide? Acupuncture and Intra-Muscular Stimulation (IMS) are two effective treatment options. They are used to treat a variety of conditions such as...

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)

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