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Thinking of Dieting?

Happy New Years! Thinking of going on a diet in 2024? Read this, and think again: At this time of year, many folks are considering assessing their nutrition and looking to improve their eating habits or relationship with food. If you are looking to improve your energy...

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TMJ Dysfunction

Argh! Did you wake up this morning with a headache or face pain? Do your jaw joints make noise? Do you have limited movement to open or close your mouth, or get “stuck” in one position during movement? Do your ears sometimes ring? Are you clenching or grinding your...

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Dry Needling

You’ve most likely heard of acupuncture; and quite possibly IMS. They both fall under the category of Dry Needling. Dry needling is a technique that a trained physiotherapist can incorporate into your treatment plan. It involves the insertion of a fine solid needle...

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Spotlight on Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a spinal deformity - famously known as a “sideways” curve of the spine. It is most often found during adolescence and affects about three in every hundred Canadians.  As the spine curves it can cause changes in body morphology like unevenness in the hips,...

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Golf Injuries

Each year in the Okanagan, golfers like me take to the links to whack balls left, right, and occasionally down the middle of the fairway. It’s often a humbling experience. The sport of golf requires coordination, strength, flexibility, and most importantly, mobility....

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Shoulder Pain in Throwers

Each spring, at the beginning of baseball and softball season, people will develop pain and soreness in the arm and shoulder when throwing, or after throwing. This can linger or worsen as the season goes, potentially zapping their throwing strength and their ability...

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Gymnastics is a sport that requires strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and endurance. While its aerial and acrobatic movements can shock and awe, these movements can increase an athlete’s risk for injury.  What are the common injuries in gymnastics? For...

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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the science of human movement, performance and function. Kinesiologists are university educated healthcare professionals who have studied body mechanics and the role human movement plays in preventing and managing injury, chronic disease, disability,...

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