Chris Burton, Kinesiologist portrait.

Downtown Kelowna

1468 St. Paul Street,
Kelowna, BC
Phone: 250-861-8056
Kinesiology Services


Chris Burton, Kinesiologist

Chris is passionate about what he does professionally and has furthered his knowledge and skill set to improve his ability to assist his clientele through continuing education; and in particular through training with the CHEK institute, where he learned an integrative approach of bio-mechanical assessment, exercise prescription, and nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Chris received his degree in Kinesiology form the University of Calgary in 2003, and moved to the Okanagan to start his career as a Kinesiologist. He began working in the field of rehabilitation, but has also worked as a personal trainer.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Chris moved to Alberta as a child. He grew up playing many sports including competitive basketball. He later took to weight lifting and running, as methods of achieving better physical fitness and health.

When Chris isn’t working, he’s focused on his other passions – hiking, martial arts, discovering great food, and making the most of life. Chris has two children who are a big part of his life of adventure and entertainment.