Douglas Gurney BSc (Hons) PT MSK Physiotherapist

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Douglas Gurney BSc (Hons) PT MSK Physiotherapist

Doug has been practicing physiotherapy for over 12 years after graduating in 2008 from the University of East London in the UK. He gained a variety of experience and expertise working in large hospitals in England, treating people within intensive care, neurological rehabilitation units, respiratory care centres and acute trauma settings before focusing his career in sports and musculoskeletal therapy.

Doug has a wealth of experience in musculoskeletal therapy and over the past 10 years has worked closely with rheumatology, orthopaedic and neurosurgical specialists among others helping both children and adults get back on track after undergoing surgery or suffering from injuries. He has also worked with large numbers of athletes getting them back to climbing, running, playing, wrestling, dancing or whatever their passion has been. He enjoys treating all areas of the body and incorporates a variety of holistic treatment techniques into his practice such as strength and conditioning, exercise, manual therapy, mindfulness, relaxation, myofascial/soft tissue release and others. He believes that physiotherapy treatment should also incorporate a journey of discovery about our bodies and is passionate about teaching people the underlying reasons for their problems. Like he always says.. “At the end of the day, we all want peace of mind and a sense of control when it comes to our injuries and pain; and that all starts by understanding what’s actually going on”. Doug works together with his clients to solve all manner of musculoskeletal problems and has a special interest in the relationship between our personal lifestyle factors (such as sleep, stress and work) and persistent pain issues.

Doug enjoys mountain sports and travel and has hiked and camped in mountain ranges all over the world from the Cordillera Blanca of Peru to the Alps of Japan (and a lot in between!). He, his wife Laura and their 3 young boys Owen, Kieran and Chase are new comers to the Okanagan region after recently relocating from Manchester in the UK. They are looking forwards to settling into the community here and seeing what the local mountain ranges have to offer!