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We strive to be the Okanagan’s leader in client focussed care and recovery. Through collaborative care planning, our team of compassionate and skilled professionals work closely with our clients, keeping our community moving for life.

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Lower Mission Physiotherapists

Vincent Cunanan BSc.P.T., BSc.Anat., Dip. Manip. PT., Fellow of CAMPT, CGIMS

Vince is the Clinic Director of the Lower Mission office and the Clinical Education Coordinator for all of our clinics. “Vinny” has been with Sun City Physiotherapy since 2014, and has embraced the Okanagan lifestyle along with his wife and

Kelowna Physiotherapist in the Lower Mission: Lindsay Wourms PT, MScPT MPT

Lindsay Wourms PT, MScPT

Lindsay grew up in Kamloops, BC where she competed for many years as an artistic gymnast. She had many experiences with physiotherapy growing up as a competitive athlete, and decided to pursue her passion for rehabilitation with a career in physiotherapy …

Katarina recently moved to Kelowna from Southern Ontario. She graduated with a Master of Science in Physiotherapy from McMaster University in 2016…

Anthony Graduated with a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from UBC in 2022. Prior to this, Anthony attended Western University in his hometown of London, Ontario where he received a bachelor’s degree of Kinesiology in 2019.

Lower Mission Registered Massage Therapist

Ryan Seitz Kelowna Mission RMT

Ryan Seitz RMT

Ryan has recently moved to Kelowna from Vancouver where he resided for 24 years and practiced massage therapy for over 18. He is very excited to begin his next chapter in the beautiful Okanagan.

Ryan studied at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, graduating in April 2002. In 2005 he opened Spruce Body Lab in Yaletown, a full service, multipractise clinic, which he owned and ran successfully for years prior …



Lower Mission Kinesiologist

Chris Burton, Kinesiologist

Chris is passionate about what he does professionally and has furthered his knowledge and skill set to improve his ability to assist his clientele through continuing education; and in particular through training with the CHEK institute, where he learned an integrative approach of bio-mechanical assessment, exercise prescription, and nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Sun City Physiotherapy Nutritional Services / Dietitian

Madison Wood, RD

Madison Wood is a Registered Dietitian dedicated to providing compassionate, individualized nutrition care for the past 7 years. She holds a BSc with Honours Specialization in Foods and Nutrition from Western University in London, Ontario and completed her comprehensive post-graduate dietetic internship at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine…

Physical Therapist Support Worker

Mitch Browne, DPT, B.Ex.Phys

Mitch grew up in Sydney, Australia where he completed his studies in Exercise Physiology at the University of NSW before continuing on to complete his Doctorate of Physiotherapy at Macquarie University. During his studies he practiced as an Exercise Physiologist in a rheumatology focused clinic and as a sports trainer for a soccer team and semi-professional rugby union club…

Lower Mission Clinic Reviews

Brendan Lim

“I see Vince for my back pain and he is incredibly knowledgeable about his work and taking care of patients. He has helped me reduce my pain and improve my function so I could get back to my sports! I would recommend him or any of the other physios at the clinic.”

Jennifer D

“Katarina is so nice and she was really thorough. Great hours / availability too.”

Kelly Weaver

“Vince is my #1 choice for physiotherapists! He has a wealth of knowledge and has helped immensely with any TMJ issues I have had. He doesn’t rush through appointments, which I value. Highly recommended!”

Lindsey Herbert

“Went there for the very first time last year. Staff was nice, great service and was very helpful!”

Andrew Andrews

“Lindsay was so professional and helpful with assessing my shoulder injury. Her optimism and enthusiasm really gave me peace of mind for my recovery moving forward!!”

Kimberly Eek

“He found the spots that were bothering me and took great care of them. I have been trying lots of different physiotherapists and not getting any good relief from my pain, but Vince got me the relief I have been looking for and gave me great advice to help prevent it. Will 100% be recommending his care to all my friends and family.”

Daryl Frost

“Lindsay Wourms is very professional with a kind heart. The first day going over a plan for my physio she answered all my questions and made me feel well cared for. I’m excited to work more with her in the coming weeks.”

Heather MacBeth

“Have never had anything but stellar care and expertise by all clinicians. They are well educated and, seek to educate and empower their patients to control their recovery.”

Jordan Reid

“The best! I have been seeing Vince for over a well over a year and have nothing but great things to say. As well, the admin staff are extremely helpful and accommodating. 10/10 recommend.”

Jim Tancek

“Although I have used Sun City’s services in the past, This was my 1st visit w/ Anthony. I was treated w/ total professionalism. I felt very comfortable with his questions & assessment about my condition/neck pain. He got to the treatment in a very quick manner & the results were immediate. He also gave me some at home exercises & even emailed me a reminder & instructions. I have scheduled a follow up @ his request to see the progress of treatment. Overall, a VERY pleasant & productive experience. I will continue to request his services when I call in to Sun City.”

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis

What is Achilles Tendonitis? Achilles tendonitis is a painful condition that results from an imbalance between tissue wear and repair in the Achilles tendon - at the back of the ankle. It usually develops slowly over time, although symptoms can come on quite suddenly....

Nutrition for Menopause

For most women, menopause begins between the ages of 45 and 55, and it is defined by the lack of a menstrual cycle for 12 months. This is a time to take care of yourself by making healthy lifestyle choices. Food and nutrition play significant roles in the health and...

Nerve Pain and IMS

Intramuscular Stimulation, or IMS for short, is a technique used by physiotherapists since it was developed in the 1970’s in Vancouver by the pain specialist Dr. Chan Gunn. IMS is a total system for the assessment and treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain that has...

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